Hopefully, you are not triskaidekaphobic! This is the thirteenth Friday Flash! Last month, there were great flash stories that you can read here. This month, I have an AWESOME photo from The Lust Jedi that you can use for your inspiration!

I also have a new link to the AMAZING Eroticon session that Malin James gave on flash fiction!

Inspired? Ready to write? Here are the rules:

1-Write a flash fiction story using this image–or not–with no more than 500 words. (Kristina Lloyd told me this is the perfect length for flash fiction.)
2-If you need a primer on how to write flash fiction, read this post by Friday Flash contributor, Adrea Kore.
2-Use the link below to add your story.
4-Promote your story on social media. On Twitter, use #friflash
5-The story should be posted by the fourth Friday of the month–March 24–but you are welcome to post your story before then.
6-Use this nifty badge with your post: