If someone would have told me almost two years ago, when I started blogging that I would be hosting a meme…I would not have believed them! But here I am hosting a meme!

Full disclosure this is not my brainchild: Felicity who originally ran this meme, was not able to anymore. I wrote this story for the last pro0-2mpt. This gorgeous picture was submitted by my friend Big Miss Naughty for the last one, which was not seen to fruition. This photo was crying for a story! Kilted Wookie (who I also collaborate with on Click Click 365) and Kat who were very involved in the first incarnation of the meme, encouraged me to go forth and continue it. And since Marie Rebelle and Molly who I admire have taken on memes in the same fashion, I am happy to host Friday Flash.

I know you are eyeing this photo, and already telling a story in your head! So here are the rules:

  1. Write a flash fiction story using this image, with no more than 1000 words.
  2. Use the link below to add your story .
  3. Promote your story, and the meme on social media. On Twitter use #friflash
  4. The story needs to be posted by the 23rd of the following month. (I am giving extra time this month, the deadline is Feb 23, 2016)
  5. Use this nifty badge with your post:friday flash badge

Sound good? Well get typing–you will flash me on the 23rd!