Friday Flash

a flashy fiction meme

Friday Flash No. 4 – Typewriter

I am loving hosting Friday Flash, the last one was filled with such amazing stories from regulars and newcomers alike! Below is the new photo for this month, I hope it gets you nice and inspired to flash me!

old-fashioned typewriter

Inspired? Ready to write? Here are the rules:

  1. Write a flash fiction story using this image, with no more than 500 words. (Kristina Lloyd told me this is the perfect length for flash fiction.)
  2. Use the link below to add your story.
  3. Promote your story on social media. On Twitter, use #friflash
  4. The story should be posted by the fourth Friday of the month, and you are welcome to post your story before then.
  5. Use this nifty badge with your post:

friday flash badge
Ready? Go–flash me before or on May 27th!!!


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  1. I’m sorry to have missed this. I thought I’d signed up, apparently not, now I have. I enjoyed the stories immensely, I thought all three were outstanding, and hope more are forthcoming.

    I’m still writing one on the Porn Palace some day.

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